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Friday, February 11, 2005

Reading Week Has Arrived

Reading Week has officially begun. This is where every student disappears from Campus...some go on vacation, while others, heaven forbid, actually read. Perhaps this would be a good oportunity for people to scout out clubs (and not the ones with the half naked ladies and stumbling men) or groups on campus!! hint hint
Ok, so I have a pet peeve....its other drivers in Toronto (this falls under the "whatever" category and has nothing to do with participation on campus, or lack thereof,...which is a major pet peeve of mine also, but anyways...) Here's how my Thurday went: I get up at 6:30 to rush out the door before 7:00 so as to beat the traffic, but it turns out that this is every other person's plan of action also. Traffic is stopped, and I haven't even gotten out of my town yet. Great. I sit on the 401 for AN HOUR (thats bad) before I get to the DVP, which I know by now is going to be just as bad because the idiots broadcasting the road conditions keep telling everyone that the roads are "slick" and that they better watch out... WRONG.. roads, yes are a little wet from the tiny little snow flakes that you can bearly see falling from the sky, but it is NOT SLICK. But since the idiots in the radio know more about the roads then the people driving on them, the people driving on them Freak Out and forget how to drive. So, I'm merging on to the DVP and alls well and good...but by this point I'm losing patience with bad drivers. The left lane is ending, and of course we all know this, and most of us have been in the next lane for quite some time, except this GUY on his CELL PHONE, who decides he is NOT going to signal, and be patient, but he is going to ride beside me, until I absolutely must stop, if I want to live, to let him in. SO FINE, I let him in. Does he give me the wave? NO. OK so now I'm pissed. Is it really that difficult to give a little wave of appreciation? No, I don't think so. People.. It DOES make a difference! I was mad all the way to school.. and I'm still mad. Its called common courtesy, get some or get off the road.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I'm learning here people. Bare with me. My purpose for posting? To raise the awareness of activites on school campuses BEYOND the books...or in this case...beyond the computer! I want people to get involved! Clubs, and groups DO NOT BITE. The ever so presigious University of Toronto has an enormous student body, and yet student involvement outside of the classroom seems minimal! What?